Dry Cleaning

Vacuuming a must for Carpet Cleaning

This simple step can ensure thorough cleaning inside out

Your carpet changes the environment of your house and give it a total new look. You are a color loving person then brighter tones will be on your flooring and a moderate person will choose a rather dull color but never will compromise on its styling.

Carpets come in different stuffs and texture each demanding a different treatment when it comes to their cleaning procedure. Some dry cleaners can withstand a rough cleaning procedure while others ask for a careful treatment.

Vacuuming is often misunderstood as a time consuming method but in reality it is an important stage that has to be done with perfection if you really want the carpet to get cleaned. Vacuuming is not only necessary before starting the process, it is as imperative to do it when your carpet reaches home after dry cleaning.

Vacuuming should be a Routine

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

To keep the carpet cleaning for a long time and avoid dry cleaning, vacuuming is a very good tip. This not only removes surface dirt, but also decreases the chances of further penetration deep down.

But for all this to happen there should be a proper routine for the process and the intervals should be less so that dirt doesn’t turn into a stubborn layer that can only be taken out by sending it to a dry cleaner.

But one thing should be in mind that vacuuming can only remove dirt or other particles that are dry and not the stains on the carpet. For that there are stain removers for carpet cleaning in the market for every type of flouring which are very effective for the purpose. You should decide on the day in a week when you are going to do it. Weekends can be a perfect free time for such a work.

Why to Vacuum After Dry Cleaning?

Carpet Cleaning Machine Hire

Carpet Cleaning Machine Hire

Vacuuming is not only a necessary step in daily routine, also it is recommended to do it after having it dry cleaned. One reason is that residues may be left on the surface after the drying process in dry cleaning and they have to be eliminated otherwise the carpet feels rough and also a permanent settling in can be a result.

Also it can remove any thread particles that have been stuck in the fibers which can ensure a fresher look and neatness. These advices are important when you want to have a carpet for long on your floor.

How to Take Care of your Vacuum Cleaner?

Every machine needs maintenance and care without which its long usage is not possible. First of all, before vacuuming, make sure all the tiny things that can get stuck in the machine are picked up from the floor.

Also it is essential to remove the bag of a vacuum cleaner and then empty it so that it can accumulate more dirt and also the net do not get ripped off due to over burden or constant particles disturbing the walls. Also the bag-less one should be emptied before use as it will lessen the effort of a vacuum cleaner while cleaning.

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