Towels Dry Cleaning

Towels are necessary to keep ourselves dry and clean

Towels require some different type of care

Towels need special care

There is no house without towels. We use different sizes of towels according to our needs and use. Towels are of different colors and fabrics. The most popular stuff for towels is cotton. Towel grades are different as the quality of cotton different. The best towel is that which soaks water from our skin effectively and gives gentle touch on scrubbing. Towels are different types of make so there are different steps and measures to dry clean them at home or in a laundry.

Don’t wash them with other clothing

Towels are of different making style; don’t wash them with other clothing. Stains and grime of towels are different from ordinary clothing, so put them separately in the washing machine or in a laundry. The second reason to wash them separately is their material or stuff; they are made of fine cotton that is a good absorbent of colors of any other stuff present in the washing load. Once they catch any color from any other clothing it will remain on them for the rest of their life.

Always Use Mild Detergent

Mild Detergent

Mild Detergent

Towels are of pure cotton without any mixing of polyester or any other fabric. Gentle and soft detergent is harmless for the cotton fibers. That’s why towel detergent is always with different and mild chemicals than the other washing detergents we use for our normal washing. In this connection the label helps a lot, it gives the detail of stuff and how to wash it.

Temperature of water is the most important factor while washing towels

Towels are of different fabrics as we discussed above so the water temperature is the key factor in washing of towels. The label comes into action once again and gives useful information about the texture of stuff and the required temperature. Most of towels need cold water wash, generally. Don’t use hot water for them the temperature may cause harm for their stuff and life.

Use sanitizers for towel wash

Use sanitizers for towel wash

Use sanitizers for towel wash

Towels are used for hands, face and body. Make sure that your towels are neat and clean enough, free from germs and bacteria before use them on your skin and delicate parts of your face such as lips and eyes. Face skin is of different texture than the other skin of the body so its care is necessary and germs free towels helps your skin to stay fresh without any disease and allergies so keep your towels sanitized after every wash.

Don’t put them in dryer

The stuff of a towel is woven loosely to give your skin soft feelings, dryer rotate clothes very harshly so loose fibers can be damaged that’s why don’t put them in dryer after wash if you want that they stay with you for a long time. Put them on a wire to dry in the sun or iron them gently if label permit this. After stain removal, let it dry before use it again.

Store them in a cupboard when they dry completely

Wet towels are the real source of fungal allergies so keep your towels dry before use. For this purpose put them in natural air after every use and keep in mind that they are completely dry if you plan to store them in the cupboard.

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