Proper Dressing

Proper dressing makes an impression

Neat and clean wearing may helpful in getting your dream job

Your dressing shows what you are in actual. Neat and proper clothing has a significant effect on self-esteem, personality and confidence.  These theories derived from society and civic life, though not patent and proven, but have their importance in daily life. We believe what we see. Nice dressing may hide the internal reality of any person. These theories are adopted especially when you are going for an interview for your dream job. Your first appearance in front of the interviewer panel is all. “First impression is the last impression” is a popular saying and has its effect.  Some researchers believe that our clothing and dressing has the major contribution in our confidence more than of positive mental attitude or wealth. Different clothes with different color schemes reflect different thoughts and mental processes. Our dressing and wearing affects other people’s impression about us. Each and every work has its proper dressing and uniform. Today we will discuss about how we can dress up ourselves for an interview of the dream job. Proper dry cleaning of clothes gives them neat looks.

Dressing and Your body language are your talents.

Your proper, neat and clean dressing has made your impression in the mind of interviewer before you say a single word to him. In this connection there are some points that can make difference in your selection or rejection. First of all you have to know that each and every company has its dress code, dress nicely and appropriately to the company’s desire. If you are a male person then keep in mind these tips for a good impression during interview by your wearing and dressing.

Clean Dressing

Clean Dressing

  • Dress up yourself accordingly the post for which you are going to be interviewed. Wear always conservative dressing like “suit” generally. Dress up yourself in matching jackets and pants, light dress shirt, tie and dark color socks with polished dress shoes.
  • Fitting of your dressing is very important in making your good impression. Your shirt collar with tie is properly of your neck size, sleeves of your shirts should be up to your wrist bones but your hands should remain out of sleeves of shirt. Length of your pants should be up to your shoes and your knee should remain covered while sitting on chair in front of interviewer. Comfortable and properly fit dressing builds up the confidence.
  • Neat, clean and properly ironed dressing and Ironing service can be a plus point. Creases of your coughs, color and pants are in good shaped.
  • Contrast of colors must be sober. Don’t wear flashy contrasts or bright colors for interviews. Light and dull colors give solid impression of the personality. Light sky dress shirt with light grey pant coat is internationally recommended for interviews.
  • Your hair cut is also an important one. Cut your hairs before one day from the interview. It is necessary because you have enough time to mend if there is any problem in your hair cut. Apply light hair jell to set your hairs in proper style.
  • Take a shower in the interview morning, make a good shave or give proper shape if you are with beard. Brush your teeth with good toothpaste and use always light deodorants than perfume and same in the case of after shave don’t wear extra smells, it may irritate the interviewer.
  • Don’t smoke or eat anything just before starting the interview because it makes your breath smelly and the interviewer may notice this smell.
  • Your leather accessories such as pants belt and shoes are of same colors. Your shoes shouldn’t be scuffed or run-down at the heels.

Dress like your boss is a thumb rule to get the ideal job. Don’t pose but be natural during interview. Avoid overacting and laughing, if necessary make a gesture of good smile. Don’t sit cross legs in front of interviewer. Reach the interview place in time, if possible reach there five or ten minutes before starting interview  is quite handy, it gives you some time to get ready yourself finally before interview.  Your positive attitude and proper dressing are helpful in getting the dream job. These are some handy tips that support you during or before your interview.

Interview Dressing

Interview Dressing

If you are a female candidate then you also need proper dressing and clothing before interview. Here are some points that can help you a lot to get the ideal job in the presence of other female or male candidates.

  • If you are of a slim physique the dress up yourself in proper suit with a skirt or pant but if you are a bulky physique dress up in loose apparel that covers you well.
  • Your waistband is accordingly to your body if it is too tight you won’t be easy, make same alterations if necessary before interview.
  • Dark color dressings suit best with lady body postures. Covering of your body parts must be necessary, interviewer may notice that so keep covered yourself well during interview. If you are in skirt, it should cover your thighs properly but your knee-bones remain open.
  • Use always light color of blouse that should be perfect match with your suit doesn’t wear contrast.
  •  Make up yourself that gives you a pleasant look don’t be with extra make up for an interview. Light lip-stick with matching nail polish gives solid impression.
  • Wear less jewelry and hair accessories. If you are in the habit of wearing bangles, one each in a hand is enough for interview.
  • Shows are of much importance for a female, avoid high heels for interviews. Wear shoes with close toe or back. Pump is good for official use.
  •  Use always fresh, neat and clean dressing with female fragrances.
  •  Hairstyle makes the impression for a lady, use appropriate hairstyle according to the scene. High pony tail suits not the best with office suit, so low pony tail or simply a hair ring is more than enough in this connection.

Fresh breath, showered body and hairs, neat and clean dressing with soberness may help you to get your ideal job.

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