Dry Cleaning

Neat and Clean Mattress is Essential Thing for a Good Sleep

Enzyme cleaner is best to clean biological stains from a mattress

Neat and clean bed mattress is the guarantee of comfortable night

All of us spend near about one third of our life on our mattress, so this has very importance in our lives and we must take care of it. If you are comfortable with your bed then it means you are comfortable with others in your life or if you are itchy with your bed sheet or bed mattress, then it means you are not comfortable with anyone in your life. Dry Cleaning of mattress or clean at home is not as difficult as it is thought. By doing some very easy steps you can get a neat and clean mattress for your deep slumber.

Remove all coverings of your mattress and clean them in washing machine

We cover our mattresses by bed sheets, protectors and blankets, so before cleaning your bed, mattress clean these things and stuff in washing machine. After removing or washing these stuff, your bed mattress is ready to be operated. Use heavy vacuum cleaner and get all the dirt and dust particles out from the mattress. By using day and night, there is invisible dust particles settle on the surface of mattress, so powerful vacuum is necessary to collect all dust from the inside of the mattress as well. By vacuuming now, your mattress is ready to clean with wet cloth or damp sponge.

Mattress Cover Cleaning

Mattress Cover Cleaning

Wet sponge coat gives you complete cleanliness

After dusting or vacuuming, use wet sponge for stains removal from the upper layer of the bed mattress. You can use this coat with any soft detergent foam just. It gives you very neat and clean surface of your mattress. Now your mattress is in front of view so clean each and every stain from it by foamy sponge. You can give a thorough wash of your bed mattress with detergent foam and get a new mattress after cleaning with foamy sponge.

Enzyme cleaner can also be used after thorough foamy sponge coat

Mattress are not designed for water or any chemical liquid, so use a little quantity of enzyme cleaner on the surface of the cloth or sponge and use it to remove permanent stains, if you have on the mattress. This method is best to remove all permanent stains like sweat, blood, urine, vomit and other biological stains. Enzyme cleaners are best to control biological stains and they are effective for greasy and oily stains as well.

Dry Cleaning of Mattress

Dry Cleaning of Mattress

Sprinkle baking soda over the mattress after enzyme cleaner coat or processing

Enzyme cleaner almost clean the mattress biologically and apparently as well. Now sprinkle baking soda on the whole upper surface of the mattress. By the help of this generous dusting of baking soda, you can get odor free mattress. It gives you a fresh smell if you add some drops of your favorite essence and stir well before sprinkling on your mattress. You can also use a sifter to sprinkle the baking soda in a smooth layer on your mattress. Let the baking soda sit on the surface at least half an hour and then remove with vacuum cleaner. Now your mattress is once again ready to wear its coverings and for your comfortable sleep as well.

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