Lint Cleaning

Lint is very bad if it stays on your clothing

Several Processes are there to remove lint

It is very easy to remove lint from clothes

Sometimes due to some irregularities in washing procedures, lint comes over the clothes and looking very dirty and makes washed clothes unwashed in appearance. On light color’s clothes, it is not visible but in dark color clothes, it is very prominent in appearance. Here are some easy steps by adopting them you can get rid of this fuzzy and pesky problem. Treatment is the same whether it is on wool or cotton or wash and wear stuff.

Adhesive roller is very effective in this connection

You can get this roller from any good laundry apparatus shop. This is a roller with adhesive material on it and very easy to use on the stuff surface. It plucks the whole lint from the surface of the stuff carefully without disturbing the fabric. This is very common to use in laundries. Roll the roller across the stuff to get neat, clean and lint free stuff after each treatment. If you don’t want to buy this roller from the shop, you can make this roller at home for your use.



Get any round stick and wrap the sticky tape on it but be careful that sticky side must remain upward and outward. By this, you can make your own adhesive roller. Use it to remove lint. If you couldn’t get any round stick then no need to worry about this roller. You can wrap wide sticky tape around your hands and then tap your hands across the stuff to remove lint.

You can use electric lint shaver for this purpose

To remove lint from your clothes, you can use lint shaver easily available in the market. It is a good and easy remedy to do or get rid of this thing from the surface of the fabric or stuff. You can use any electric hair cutting machine to remove lint from the surface of the fabric. This is exactly same what the dry cleaners do.

Dry Cleaners

Dry Cleaners

For fleece and sweater use pumice or pumice stone

Pumice stone or pumice is very famous to remove lint, especially from the sweaters or fleece. You can rub gently the pumice tone on the surface of the stuff. It can pluck the lint with it and your clothes remain neat and clean and lint free. All these things are easily available in the market and very easy to use as well.

Use Velcro to remove lint from your wash n wear stuff

Purchase a piece of Velcro to pluck lint from it. It is very easy to use. Wrap Velcro around your hands and tap on the stuff require to be cleaned. Velcro has small and tiny loops with hooks by tapping it on the surface of the fabric.

Use a clean shaving razor to peel of the surface of the stuff

Use neat and clean razor to peel of the lint from the surface. Gently drag the razor down the fabric and remove lint from the surface. You can use lint brush to remove lint from the stuff. It is very easy to pluck lint from the surface of the stuff.

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