How Dry Cleaning Wipes out Stains without Water?

Common steps that all dry cleaners follow to offer transparent dry cleaning process

Dry cleaning is the process in which organic solvents are used in cleaning process instead of simple water. The liquid solvent is a fluid that is used to infuse the garments to clean them. Although it is present in liquid form, but due to no use of water, it is narrated as dry cleaning. This procedure is used for those garments that can be damaged if washed with water or soap.

In the past, the two solvents are mainly used for dry cleaning, and those were gasoline and kerosene. However, these solvents are reactants to the flame. With the passage of time, most of the dry cleaners skipped these solvents because of the risk of fabric catching fire.

Stain Removal

Stain Removal

Perc, The Final Choice for all Drycleaners

Now a days, after doing lots of search, the dry cleaners have driven a formula to discover such solvent, which is helpful to clean the garment with less risk factors. Perchlorethylene, that’s is also known as tetrachloroethylene, it is a transparent liquid that is used for dry cleaning and stain removal purposes now a days. It is also known as perc. Due to its habit of dissolving many organic materials, being volatile, highly stable and nonflammable, it is the best option for dry cleaning.

Main steps of Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

Different dry cleaners follow their own way of cleaning the clothes. But there are some main and common steps, which almost every drycleaner follows.

  • Tagging and Inspection: Whenever anyone give clothes or washable materials to the drycleaners, they must label it with specific serial to make the finding process easy. They also inspect the clothes like pointing out the missing button or a torn piece so that the dry cleaner should not be blamed for these.
  • Pre-Treatment: This step involves treating and removing the stains
  • Dry Cleaning: After the above steps, the garments are put in the dry-cleaning machine and treated with the perc solvent to remove the stains
  • Post-Spotting: After dry cleaning, lingering stains are checked and removed
  • Final touches: This step involves ironing services, folding, packing, and other finishing touches

Today, the dry cleaners are concerned about using environmentally friendly products for dry cleaning. This is because the world is moving towards environmentally friendly products, and the dry cleaning process is also completing these criteria.

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