Blanket Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaner is a Blanket’s Best Friend

Spare yourself from the hassle of washing this heavy item at home

If you ask my opinion, I have never thought of washing my blanket at home. Giving it to the dry cleaner for a thorough cleaning is a much better idea than doing it in an impossible way. Here the matter is not of small blankets that are for wrapping the baby; it can be easily washed in the washing machine at home. But the problem arises when it is the heavy one used on the double bed that you are talking about.

This weighty article requires especial equipment which can be only possible in a dry cleaner’s shop. Bringing the blanket for cleaning to a professional saves you from a hell lot of trouble which you can put yourself in when experimenting at home.

Deep Cleaning Guaranteed:

Blanket Washing

Blanket Washing

The very first priority of a professional dry cleaner is to make the order clean to perfection. Especially when it is related to bedding, there are a lot of chances that the object can catch allergies, bacteria harmful for health and dirt. For this, home washing may not be the best idea as you don’t have proper fluids and machines that can disinfect the blanket and give it a fresh look which it had when purchased.

Stain removal, animal odor and spills can be treated with success by a professional in one wash and again and again processing is not needed. But the condition is that the spills and stains should not be old enough to get penetrated in the inner layer. This indicates that the blot have become permanent and cannot be removed.

Shrinking is out of Question:

Until unless you have not purchased a defective piece, there is no way that the blanket will shrink or loose color in case of dry cleaning. While the chances are very high when you are doing the washing at home as the routine detergents prove to be very harmful and they damage this delicate bedding necessity lastingly. It is a very expensive piece of purchase that you do for your bedroom and it enhance the entire look, so spending a little money on it will not harm anything.

Blanket Cleaning

Blanket Cleaning

Drying is not a Problem:

This problem is very frustrating when you have to wash your blanket in the middle of winter or in autumn. The winds become humid and cold and drying and blanket cleaning becomes impossible. Instead, the dry cleaner has special driers which do the job effectively and with a very less time taken, you have your coverlet ready for use. A very strong point is that when your experiment of washing becomes successful and you dry the bedding which takes many days for a complete dry, there is a smell that settles in the blanket.

You cannot take it out even after many washes and no matter how much strong smelling detergent used in the process. So a wise decision would be not to try out the blanket cleaning procedure at home for blankets and take them to the dry cleaner at the end of the season and have it dry cleaned and stored properly for next use.

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