Miracle of Ironing

Discover the Miracle of Ironing

Love the looks of your clothes after professional ironing

Whether you prefer to wash your clothes at home or send them to a laundry shop or you are having your garments dry cleaned, ironing or pressing becomes an important phase to make the outlook flawless. There is no use of clothes which are only cleaned properly, if not ironed they look shabby and unclean no matter how much effort is put in doing the process. The dry cleaners and laundry shops always return your clothes pressed and folded or hung, as you may prefer.

Is there a press only facility available at the dry cleaners?

The answer is yes! Many people have the routine of washing there laundry at home and then sending their clothes for ironing. But trusting a press only shop is a little difficult, until and unless you have a pleasant past experience with them. Mostly, people prefer to give there outfits to a dry cleaner or a laundry shop who they trust and have the right equipment.

Stain Removal

Stain Removal

As the expensive clothes need special care and professional hands to handle them, and there can be no better choice than giving it to a trusted professional. The only condition in which the dry cleaners won’t take your clothes for pressing is if they are not cleaned. A dirty clothe will have the dirt and stains penetrated deep if ironed as it is and it will spoil the whole garment. Stain removal is necessary before dry ironing the garments.

Types of Irons:

Generally there are two types of irons used at the household press level. One is a flat iron and the other is steam iron. The flat iron is any iron that does not have a steamer option. These irons can be the ones we use with electricity or the ones heated with coal or gas. With the help of a sprayer, these can produce exceptional results. The second type is a modern steamer iron, which is mostly available for sale in the shops. Their popularity is the steamer that softens the fabric and combined with the heat from the sole the ironing become perfect and easy.

Modern Steamer Iron

Modern Steamer Iron

Professional Ironing Machines:

The miracle through which the dry cleaners make the finishing of your clothes perfect is ironing. After all the cleaning and rechecking process the end step is to iron the clothes. This is done by ironing machines that are designed to get the perfect results but be aware, only the professionals or skilled people who have the proper know how can do the job properly and carefully. As the dry cleaners do not have to deal with only one type of fabric, there can be any fabric that they have to press and proper steam and temperature becomes very important in the process.

How it works: A general use machine will have the pressure coming from the head of the ironing machine and steam comes out from the bottom. Steps that are followed include applying the steam, re-shaping the garment through quick drying, removing the steam, applying pressure to the garment. Most machines not only emit steam but can vacuum it out also. For clothes that need only steaming, especially the ones with beads or other thread work, the steaming process is only applied and pressure part is not included. There are separate machines for pressing cuffs and collars of shirts.

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