Shoe Repairs

Leather shoe is a part of our personality

Give them proper care, they will return you in the form of great confidence Leather shoes are very important to maintain nice personality Shoes are always important for everyone. Someone likes canvas and someone likes sports joggers, but leather shoes have their importance. It gives you confidence and makes your personality strong. Leather shoes are […]

Zip Repairs

Take care of the Zipper of your Garments

Taking a little care can extend the life of your zipper When washing the clothes, you don’t only have to be careful with the type of fabric, accessories like zippers also need care to remain workable. A general perception is that only mishandling in opening and closing the zip causes its damage and zip repair […]

Handbag restoration & repairs

Give Proper Care to your Handbags as these are your best companions

Take advice from a dry cleaner for prolonging the life of your handbag It is once in a while that you purchase a designer handbag; you take proper care and store it properly. But when it is taken out for use again and again, it is not like it was before when you put it […]