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6 Tips on How to Dry Clean Winter Clothes

How to dry clean your garments during the winter season in the UK

As the winter season is on its peak in the UK and people just enjoyed Xmas and New Year, it is hard to handle clothes in the horrific cold season and it lasts a couple of months as well. But your local dry cleaner never let you down in any situation, either it is a wedding dress, or any dirt or other types of stains. There are many guides available for your clothes cleaning at our blog posts, where you can find a guide on how to remove 10 most tough stains from your wedding dress etc. But now if you are concerned about the winter clothes and looking to dry clean them efficiently, our six tips for dry cleaning winter clothes. It is essential to remember these six tips if you are about to go for dry cleaning your clothes in the winter season. These tips will help you to keep your clothes in the best condition and your woolen articles in the perfect condition.

Best Tips on Winter Clothes Dry Cleaning

Tip 1: Drying clothes during the winter season:

Winter season in the UK is not a casual thing, but it is a harsh season and makes the life equally horrible from driving to clothes washing. Anyways, its part of nature and cleaning the clothes in the cold or driving on a road covered with black ice is your job and it is up to you that how excellently you do it. It is confirmed that your clothes will be more than cold if you try to dry them in the open air because of the temperature near to zero in December and January. You will not be able to enjoy more sunlight in the winter season and it will more often be chilly too.

So, in the winter season, it is recommended that you should opt for dry cleaning then washing them at home. It is also highly recommended that dry cleaning is more wise decision than improperly drying your clothes. Improper drying of clothes can trigger a bitter odor in the clothes, can also damage the material and ultimately damage the overall softness of your woolen garments. The overall result will be bad enough and your wardrobe will be damaged. On the other hand, dry cleaning service would give you a better chance of saving your clothes and last them longer in the winter season. Because in the dry cleaning process, your clothes pass through a uniform process of drying and cleaning at the same time without leaving any stringent effects on the clothes.

Tip 2: cleaning the clothes inside out:

Majority of winter clothes are based on the fleece or fur materials and they are more vulnerable to damage from chemicals and even to some harsh washing powders. They can harden the fur and fleece very easily. So it is recommended that all the fur and fleece clothes must be turned inside out and then cleaned in all seasons but it must be considered in the winter season. It is always advisable that you must turn your winter clothes inside out during the winter season and then give them a quality cleaning service. This is the only legitimate process through which you can make sure that your garments are cleaned properly and washed thoroughly. Because from inside out you can remove dirt and stains more comfortably and perfectly.

Tip 3: Maintaining leather jackets and Suede coats

It is also observed that the suede coats and the leather jackets are usually used in the winter season and they also require some special treatment to maintain them otherwise they are more than vulnerable to dirt particles. All the leather-based clothes and the suede coats require very special arrangements to clean them, otherwise a very small error can badly damage the overall material look and shine. It is also advised that you must follow out stain removal guide prior to cleaning the garment as a whole. Each and every stain on the clothes must be treated individually before they sent for cleaning. Don’t forget to remove these small stains with the help of any special stain remover or a good detergent. There are many stain removers available on the market that are specially designed to remove this kind of stains. It is also advised that you must use your local dry cleaner to clean this kind of special clothes and let all your worries and stains to them and they will treat your clothes professionally.

Tip 4: Managing Woolen coats and cleaning them:

Wool-based clothes are used as well fashioned and popular clothing in the UK during the winter season and it is one of the most admired types of clothing for the winter season. They are also one of the best choices for beating the chilly winter season. Another thing is the value of these wool based clothes and their price is also relatively high according to the overall value and the quality of the clothes. The wool based clothes are generally soft by nature and they can get damaged if not treated properly. The overall size disorder is a normal phenomenon as due to the improper treatment they can shrink or extend in length.

Dry Clean Winter Clothes

Dry Clean Winter Clothes

It is highly recommended in the case of woolen products that they must be sent to your local dry cleaner so that they can treat them professionally to save the overall softness and quality of the garment. Regular cleaning and proper care extend the life of the garment by making them durable and long-lasting. Sometimes, even a small stain from an accidental spillage of coffee or tea or wine on your woolen garments. In this case, make sure that the stain must not be rubbed off immediately if you will try this, the stain will penetrate into the fiber particles and will be hard to get rid of it. The better and advised solution of this problem is simply go to your local dry cleaner and ask for professional services to remove the stain. Or if you do not want to visit your local dry cleaner, you can simply use our guide to remove different types of stains, but, remember, professionals know the chemistry of the stains so, it is easy for them to remove stains accordingly.

Tip 5: Cleaning down coats:

Coats are one of the best garments used in the winter season and it is not possible for anyone to spend their winters without a couple of coats. It is also a big concern when it comes to the cleaning of these coats. Because it is hard to wash them at home, if somehow, one will manage them to wash at home, the next process is drying of these garments and it is equally challenging. It is advised to take great care of these garments as they have feather filling under the walls of these garments, these feathers can be damaged due to any improper handling of these garments and can ruin overall health and quality of these clothes.

It is also advised that you must take proper care of these garments when applying the cleaning pressure on these garments because this pressure can ultimately disturb the feather filling patterns. The better solution to save all these hazards and hassles is that you can simply ask for a professional dry cleaning service during the winter and don’t dry clean them more than twice a winter season. Two times cleaning is more than enough. You must schedule the cleaning in a way that you can give firth dry cleaning at the start of the season and the next at the end of the season. By following this simple pattern, if dry cleaning, the coats will keep them intact and durable for a longer period.

Tip 6: Taking care of fleece jackets:

Some say that wool is the thing of the past and the fleece is today’s garment that keeps you more comfortable and warmer during the winter season. Another fact is that the fleece is more durable than the wool garments. To some extent, it is true and it is also true that fleece is equally harder to clean up as the other garments are. But according to the experts, the fleece jackets are easy to clean and wash. They are easily washable at home and they can be dry cleaned as well. But the biggest challenge is the drying process of these garments. A very small and neglectable error can ruin the overall quality of the garment.

Drying process needs special methods and techniques to be implemented. Such as you can lay them flat or you can use a dry air heating method to dry them early. But there are again limitations in both of these issues, firstly, laying them flat on any source will not give the garment a new like look in these clothes, the fleece will get harder and look and feel, however, if you will use a direct heating system to dry these garments, the heating system will leave a hardening effect on the fleece. In order to get rid of all these problems, simply ask your local dry cleaner to clean these garments and enjoy!!!

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